Essential Factors that affect SEO According to  Google

seo Or (Search engine optimization) is about getting higher rank on search engines Like Google , Ping, Yahoo, yandex and more.

As Google is Considered the dominant search engine with about 75% of search use in the world all attention has been there. Google webmaster guide lines clearly Explains how to get in the top of rank .

To Clarify the impact of  Each factor please check the info-graph

1- How others reference you 60%

This refers to both trust or authority of your website , link Popularity and , Anchor text of external links of the website that links to the page.

The more other trusted websites are linking to your content and pages the more you get higher in the rank, this SEO technique can be achieved by high quality good written content that is attractive and useful to the reader.

2-How you describe your content 15%

This is about on page #keywords usage in your website,This may includes what ,where and whose keywords are you using in your website,Keywords relevant to your website theme or subject must be used in content of the page in different places , you have to be careful of what content placed on your website and how relevant to your business in order to stay in the first #SERP (search engine result page)which is the final output to SEO.

3-how people engage with your site 25%

This part of SEO factors is about Social media essence that gives Google signals as known as #Social_Signals , other part of this Category is Traffic and CTR (Click through rate) which comes from paid advertising #PPC on Google mainly and GDN or Google display network for #online_advertising.

Other part of this category Emphasis the role of registration and hosting data as a factor of gaining Google trust and rank better At Google.

Every website owner and SEO specialist has to take into consideration the weigh of each factor while working on website SEO  or design his website to be seen.